Clarendon Carpets

Clarendon Carpets based in Birmingham have a wide range of British wool carpets.


EZ Carpets offer a price match on all carpets from Clarendon - Based on a fully fitted carpet

- Send us your best price and we will do our best to beat any quote.

Ranges From Clarendon

Please find listed below the Clarendon Ranges if you would like a price on any carpet not listed please call or drop us an email we will be happy to help.

Clarendon Carpets Simply Twists   Clarendon Carpets Simply Naturals  
Clarendon Carpet - Anti Stain Deluxe   Clarendon Carpets - Abbey    
Clarendon Carpet - Anti Stain Super   Clarendon Carpets - Durham    
Clarendon Carpet - Chancellor Standard   Clarendon Carpets - City Stripe    
Clarendon Carpet - Chancellor Deluxe   Clarendon Carpets -Crofter    
Clarendon Carpet - Chancellor Supreme   Clarendon Carpets - Ellan    
Clarendon Carpet - Chancellor Elite   Clarendon Carpets - Eaton    
Clarendon Carpet - Elegance 40 / 50 / 70 oz   Clarendon Carpets - Harrow    
Clarendon Carpet - Heathers Deluxe / Supreme   Clarendon Carpets - Trinity    
Clarendon Carpet - Grosvenor Standard / Extra   Clarendon Carpets - Skye    
Clarendon Carpet - Simply Naturals   Clarendon Carpets - WIndsor    
Clarendon Carpet - Kendall Classic / Deluxe / Super   Clarendon Carpets - Sweden    
Clarendon Carpet - Ludlow Standard / Deluxe / Supreme   Clarendon Carpets - Oxford    
Clarendon Carpet - Royal Twist Deluxe / Supreme / Excellence   Clarendon Carpets - Cambridge    
Clarendon Carpet - Simply Fine Superb / Excellence / Elite   Clarendon Carpets - Cadiz    
Clarendon Carpet - Simply Plain Superb / Excellence / Elite      
Clarendon Carpet - Vantage Twist        
Clarendon Carpet - Xtra Twist Standard / Deluxe / Super / Elite        
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